About Us

Ford Health is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of those most important to our clients - their employees. We specialise in providing both large and small-scale corporate health services. These include executive health checks, health assessments, and employee wellbeing programs which focus on the employee and their individual circumstances as well as the specific needs of the organisation.

CEO Message

A message from Dr Toby Ford, Founder and CEO of Ford Health. read more

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help our clients improve the health and wellbeing, and ultimately the performance, of their workforce. We achieve this through our personalised, medically-based health assessments and on-going wellbeing programs - Healthier People for Better Business. read more

Our Team

Our doctors and highly-trained medical team have extensive experience in corporate health - designing and implementing preventative health programs for workplaces since the late 1980s. Our professional team includes doctors, dieticians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, health consultants and nurses. read more

Our Clients

Ford Health has been a leader in corporate health for more than two decades. We support organisations and their executives and staff across various countries and industries. Our executive and employee health and wellbeing services build aim to build capacity and improve decision making within an organisation. read more

Partnerships and Associations

Ford Health maintains relationships with various market leaders to best improve our industry and ensure efficacy within the ever changing business climate. read more

Value Proposition

National business leaders are increasingly recognising that ‘healthier people means better business’ for both the employees and employers. Reap the rewards from our range of health assessments and wellbeing plans like our other clients. read more

How we can help your business

We have made it our mission to ensure working people are healthier. In the process, they perform better for both business and themselves. The relationship between work and health is well documented. An employee’s health status can directly influence productivity, and in turn, the workplace may impact on an employee’s health. That’s why a healthy and balanced lifestyle is so important for employer and employee alike.

Through increased awareness of health risks, and by providing information, tools and support, Ford Health will enable your employees to improve their own health and perform better.

A healthier workforce means morale is increased, the cost of absenteeism and WorkCover claims may be reduced. We have found work culture is positively bolstered, and employee recruitment and retention may be improved.

"Our staff selection policy is mindful of appropriate EO policies. It’s built on years of understanding what executives and workers ask for in a relationship with our company. Once our job applicant’s qualifications, industry registrations and insurances are confirmed, they are placed on probation, but not before they complete, two further levels of assessment."

Dr Toby Ford