CEO Message

“At Ford Health, we specialise in corporate health and employee wellbeing. Our focus is on the individual which delivers a magnitude of results for employers.

The power of being able to offer personalised, medically-based, health programs and on-going one-on-one support services to thousands of employees at any one time across cities and countries allows us to make a real difference to our clients and their people.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to improve the health of their workforce for business success through health assessments and employee wellbeing programs. No matter how small or large your organisation ...there's no better time to make a healthy change for tomorrow, than today."

Dr Toby Ford

Why Choose Ford Health

Our focus is on achieving real change for the individual and organisation. It is our combination of preventative medical and research based programs that ensures we meet that goal. Our programs are measurable to ensure results are achieved. Outcomes are quantifiable and tangible, so you will know if the program is working.

Our aim is to help employees identify and address health risks. We support them to make change by overcoming obstacles that prevent them from realising their full potential. Our Corporate Health Programs are not only proactive, but tailored to specific business needs. The results are improved health and wellbeing in the workplace.