Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help our clients improve the health and wellbeing, and ultimately the performance, of their workforce. We achieve this through our personalised, medically-based health assessments and on-going wellbeing programs - Healthier People for Better Business.

At Ford Health we:

  • consider that employees and their employers share the responsibility of one's health - as our health can directly influence our work performance, while in turn the workplace may impact on one's fitness and wellbeing
  • believe that by taking preventative action and managing risk, people will be healthier and work better
  • base our approaches on the latest medical research and proven, best practice methods, maintaining our position as a corporate health expert
  • tailor our approach to suit the needs of different industries, organisations and individuals
  • are focused on results and on achieving positive outcomes for all individuals involved and our client organisations (through our executive health assessments, employee health assessments and wellbeing programs)
  • build caring, encouraging and supportive on-going relationships so our clients and their people successfully achieve their goals
  • act with integrity and professionalism at all times

We’ve made it our mission to ensure working people are healthier

"Our evidence based executive health assessment programme has been developed by our Director of Medical Standards and our in-house Health Economist using the best practice guidelines of all the relevant Australian medical speciality colleges.
We won’t waste your money on tests that might sound impressive but which have no evidence to show they make a difference to health outcomes."

Dr Kylie Gates