Our Team

The quality of the service that Ford Health delivers is underpinned by the quality of the staff that form this business. The philosophy and ethos of Ford Health as a specialist medical practice is to provide not only the best qualified and experienced staff, but also those who have an understanding of and real concern for the executives who participate in our programs.

Dr Toby Ford

CEO and Founder

Sue Keatinge

Health Services Manager

Dr Kylie Gates

Director of Medical Standards

Carla Dee

Health Data Manager

Megan Mackenroth

Program Manager

Daiken Pacey

IT Manager

Eric Pearcy

Sales and Marketing Manager

Fiona Knox

Assistant Program Manager

Maria Lane

Administration Support

Susanne Hindmarsh

Health Consultant

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"Something I believe in and our team like, is belonging. We call it “Fort mentality”. What this means, is every person in our team is responsible for protecting our fort from any attackers who threaten our standards. Everyone has one vote. Even I get audited by my colleague Dr Gates, our Director of Standards to ensure my standards are met for service delivery as a doctor. So if I’m below par, she tells me and I have to pull my socks up."

Dr Toby Ford