Executive Health

Our focus is on the individual which delivers a magnitude of results for employers. The power of being able to offer personalised, medically-based, health programs and on-going one-on-one support services to thousands of employees at any one time across cities and countries allows us to make a real difference to our clients and their people.

Performance and Capacity Building

Simply put, leaders and their direct reports are by and large, employed for one thing alone – to make consistently good decisions under pressure over time. Learn more about how Ford Health can assist your executive to meet these demands read more


Resilience is the ability to not only 'bounce back' from adversity, but also to move forward positively. Put another way, it is the ability to not only survive but thrive. This is relevant not only in times of crisis, but is valuable for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of life and adapting to change. read more

Executive Healthy Change

This unique psychologically developed change program is designed to help individuals make the necessary behavioural changes to improve their health risks. read more

Healthy Leaders Presentations

This series of presentations aims to motivate and educate executives, as leaders and role models, to build and inspire a healthy business culture. read more

Webinar Series

Dr Ford delivers a customised Webinar to the leadership group designed to increase awareness in their health, leadership, resilience and performance capabilities. read more

Executive Whitepapers and Research

Access whitepapers and resources developed by Ford Health Doctor’s and Health Professionals. read more

Executive Intervention Modules

For additional support we have a range of individual coaching and counselling modules. read more

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Your Leaders - How we can help

We will identify and manage health risks amongst your key employees before they become critical. Resilience and adaptability will improve and productivity will be enhanced. Further, these employees will become positive role models to help build a healthy culture in your business.

What is the aim of the program?

To keep key individuals working effectively, to build their resilience and to develop them as leaders for a healthier culture across your organisation.

Who is it designed for?

Executives and key staff who are typically exposed to pressures like long hours, an absence of regular routine, travel and high stress decision making.

"To familiarise ourselves with the context in which the executive operates in work and private life is to understand their psychology of behaviour, which in turn enables us to add meaningful support to how they perform under pressure."

Dr Toby Ford
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