Executive Intervention Modules

For additional support we have a range of individual coaching and counselling modules in the areas of Executive Performance, Stress Management, Nutrition and Exercise, Weight Management, Personal Training and Health Refocus Program.

Following a series of consultations, Ford Health partners with other industry leaders in order to offer innovative solutions specific to your business requirements.

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What our clients have found

We are proud of our many achievements. Just some of our success stories include:

  • Reducing WorkCover premiums within a large corporation, using a multifaceted wellbeing program in conjunction with periodic health monitoring. After three years, premiums were reduced by two thirds.
  • After conducting a 3 year program in a government department with 5,000 employees, a predicted rise in claims and absenteeism was averted. WorkCover claims were reduced and morale also significantly improved.
  • As a direct result of our program’s focus on wellbeing and health, senior executives within a national legal firm incrementally improved their solid work performance. The program was specifically tailored to complement the firm’s mentoring and coaching framework.