Healthy Change Program

This unique psychologically developed change program is designed to help individuals make the necessary behavioural changes to improve their health risks

Ford Health provides personalised support and coaching to help your team members improve their health and reduce identified risks for a 12 month period following their assessment.

Following the Health Assessment, participants receive regular follow-up phone consultations from an experienced health professional for a 12 month period to motivate and assist them to make change.

They also receive specific information and strategies relevant to their individual needs and access to our health resource network.

We provide participants with:

  • A personal health coach who manages their progress over the year, helps motivate them to make the required changes and complete regular follow-up phone consultations.
  • A series of health information resources tailored to each individual's stage of change and their health risks.
  • Referrals to a network of expert health providers and other resources.
  • Group progress reports are also provided to you to help achieve change and measure the impact of the program.

All individual information remains confidential and private

For more information contact Ford Health directly

The Impact of our Healthy Change Program

When contacted as part of the Healthy Change program two weeks after completing their Health Assessment, a workgroup of 1000 were shown to have taken action to improve 60% of the health risks identified.

Actions taken included:

  • visiting their GP to act on raised blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels or further health screens
  • registering for quit smoking programs
  • increasing their exercise regime
  • managing stress levels
  • improving diet and nutrition
  • moderating alcohol intake
  • *All participants were counselled to assist their progress toward change and were provided with appropriate resources.

Following the completion of the Healthy Change program:

  • 45% had maintained the changes
  • 50% had made further improvements