Future Proof Executives and Resilient Leaders Webinar Series

Few would argue there is an unprecedented need for resilience as a key professional capability in modern workplaces. With rising average levels of stress and mental health conditions, there are now serious issues of the sustainability of the ways in which many of us are living and working. In far too many cases, although successful, we are merely surviving not thriving.

The Future Proof Executives and Resilient Leaders Webinar Series is unique to Ford Health and has been developed for use by the University of Queensland Business School, Owner Manager Program and the Wesfarmers, Executive Development Program.

Dr Ford will deliver a customised Webinar to the leadership group designed to increase awareness in their health, leadership, resilience and performance capabilities.

Research has shown clearly that there is a link between organisational psychological health and organisational performance.

Those organisations which have a focus on improving the emotional well-being of their employees typically return a stronger financial performance. This improvement is demonstrated in increased performance, productivity, organisational cohesiveness and organisational and individual responsiveness to challenge and change. Those organisations that invest in the psychological health of their employees consistently show increases in performance scores and productivity.

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Your Leaders - How we can help

We will identify and manage health risks amongst your key employees before they become critical. Resilience and adaptability will improve and productivity will be enhanced. Further, these employees will become positive role models to help build a healthy culture in your business.

What is the aim of the program?

To keep key individuals working effectively, to build their resilience and to develop them as leaders for a healthier culture across your organisation.

Who is it designed for?

Executives and key staff who are typically exposed to pressures like long hours, an absence of regular routine, travel and high stress decision making.

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