Basic Health Assessment

This entry level basic health risk assessment is designed for companies who are interested in providing a low cost high value solution that promotes ongoing behaviour change modifications.

The myhealth Essentials Program combines two components that together create the ability to gain an understanding of an organisation’s main health risks while providing ongoing support to the individual over a 12 month period.

The program involves:

  • an online health risk questionnaire to assess key work, lifestyle, medical, physical and psychological health risks
  • a 15 minute on-site, private and confidential biometric assessment taking the following measurements:
  • 	-blood pressure
    	-finger prick glucose
    	-cholesterol (HDL and Total)
    	-waist to hip ratio measurements
  • health check report card
  • GP referral letter for high risks participants
  • 12 months online access to myhealth, their personal online health centre, where they have access to a range of health resources, tools and information (seemyHealth program for more information)

For more information contact Ford Health directly

Health Assessments

Health Assessments – the statistics to support our message

The following statistics are from companies who have implemented ongoing health assessments and interventions over time with Ford Health. When comparing health risks over time between the first and latest assessment significant improvements are noted:

  • total cholesterol decreased from 54.5% to 46.4%
  • LDL ('bad') cholesterol decreased from 61.2% to 49.2%
  • proportion of overweight males decreased from 48% to 41%
  • proportion of smokers decreased from 5.6% to 3%
  • improved sleep decreased from 46.2% at risk to 33.2%
  • overall stress decreased from 28% to 17%
  • proportion affected by musculoskeletal pain affecting their daily ability dropped from 30.1% to 23.6%