Health Assessments

National business leaders are increasingly recognising that ‘healthier people means better business for both the employees and employers. Reap the rewards from participating in our range of health assessments.

Executive Health Assessments

Keep your key individuals working effectively, build their resilience and develop them as leaders for a healthier culture across your organisation. read more.

Managers Health Assessment

This program is tailored to meet the needs of key individuals in demanding roles, and for employees over 45 years for whom a basic health assessment may be insufficient to identify certain risks that increase with age. read more.

Healthy Teams

Ford Health motivates and supports every member of your team to proactively look after their health and to enhance productivity and morale. read more.

Healthy Hearts

This program is designed to provide a personal cardiovascular disease risk profile by assessing medical and lifestyle factors. read more.

Basic Health Assessments

This entry level basic health risk assessment is designed for companies who are interested in providing a low cost high value solution that promotes ongoing behaviour change modifications. read more.

Online Health Risk Assessments

With myhealth - Ford Health’s online health portal, you can check your current health, and determine your risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This allows you to take action on these risk areas to maximise your health for the future! read more.

Healthy Change Program

This unique psychologically developed change program is designed to help individuals make the necessary behavioural changes to improve their health risks. read more.

To keep key individuals working effectively, to build their resilience and to develop them as leaders for a healthier culture across your organisation

"Resilience, is a complex subject to define. It could be considered a process, and outcome, an ability to heal after exposure and continue on a positive trajectory of living. However, we are seeing an appetite for introducing tools into our consulting process to support individuals to find meaning in adversity and “build islands of self-competence in a sea of self-doubt.”"

Dr Toby Ford