Managers Health Assessments

This program is tailored to meet the needs of key individuals in demanding roles, and for employees over 45 years for whom a basic health assessment may be insufficient to identify certain risks that increase with age.

The health assessment involves:

  • a questionnaire to identify work, lifestyle, medical, physical and psychological health risks
  • blood tests (completed prior)
  • a 1 hour appointment with a doctor and health consultant
  • a detailed personal health report including a prioritised list of identified health risks, specific recommendations, health information and resources
  • analysis of personal and family history
  • referral letters to GP's and specialists as required
  • 12 months online access to myhealth, their personal health centre where they have access to a range of health resources, tools and information (see myhealth program for more information)

    • For the convenience of these busy individuals, this detailed assessment by a doctor is conducted in the workplace.

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Health Assessments

How we can help your business

We have made it our mission to ensure working people are healthier. In the process, they perform better for both business and themselves. The relationship between work and health is well documented. An employee’s health status can directly influence productivity, and in turn, the workplace may impact on an employee’s health. That’s why a healthy and balanced lifestyle is so important for employer and employee alike.

Through increased awareness of health risks, and by providing information, tools and support, Ford Health will enable your employees to improve their own health and perform better.

A healthier workforce means morale is increased, the cost of absenteeism and WorkCover claims may be reduced. We have found work culture is positively bolstered, and employee recruitment and retention may be improved.