Ergonomic Assessments

This program aims to prevent work-related musculo-skeletal disorders and systemic injury prevention within the workplace. It takes place onsite at your employee’s workstation, whether they be stationed at a desk, use heavy machinery, at their home or in their vehicle.

In the individual assessment an exercise physiologist will Identify potential practices that could result in injury or repetitive strain. They will communicate risks involved with the individual to make changes to their workstation and also review current equipment that may need to be updated or modified to enable employees to work in a safe manner.

The assessment includes:

  • a review of the employees workstation including chair, desk and foot rest adjustment, keyboard and mouse, computer screen, posture and other issues such as workstation set up and cleanliness
  • a consultation with an exercise physiologist providing recommendations such as stretching exercises for good back care
  • educational materials
  • a snap shot report supplied on participation

For more information contact Ford Health directly


As well as moving around, there are stretches in the factsheet titled ‘Stretches to do at your desk’.

Stretching is very important to do regularly (every 30 minutes or so) if you are sitting most of the day.

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