Flu Vaccinations

More than 1 in 5 workers can be absent during the winter season due to cold and flus. Ford Health's Flu Vaccination Program helps to ensure you and your organisation can perform at your best and at maximum capacity all year round. Studies show that a workplace flu vaccination program can decrease absenteeism from the flu by 43 per cent.

Be sure to take action early to avoid the disruption of the flu and even better, save significant costs associated with sick-leave.

Ford Health's comprehensive program involves the following:

  • • a private and confidential screening
  • • handouts and brochures
  • • on-site counselling
  • • referrals to specialists as required
  • • program management and scheduling

  • For more information contact Ford Health directly

    Flu Prevention Programs

    Ford Health’s flu prevention program, designed to compliment our well-established flu vaccination program, will provide additional resources for your customers to help prevent the spread of flu in the workplace.