Add a sense of fitness, fun and friendly competition to your workplace with Ford Health's exercise challenge. This 10 week team-based exercise challenge encourages your staff to exercise in teams of 4 over a 10 week period. They can then enter their steps on the mychallenge website and track their progress as they move around some of the most fascinating destinations in Australia. You can even have a customised route so teams can travel to your organisation's specific work sites.

The program includes:

  • promotional posters and handouts
  • project site brief and program management timetable
  • access to the mychallenge website
  • resource pack including a resource book, pedometer, progress chart and log book
  • weekly motivational emails
  • fortnightly reports
  • end of challenge report
  • online exercise converter to convert other forms of exercise into steps
  • waist and weight tracking tools
  • steps to kilojoule converter
  • health information fact sheets and resources related to eating well, exercise and work/life balance

  • For more information contact Ford Health directly

mychallenge gets results

As part of Ford Health’s evaluation of mychallenge – 10 week exercise challenge, over 18, 000 participants who completed the challenge reported on the following as a result of the challenge:

  • participants exercising on four or more days a week increased from 51% (before starting the challenge) to 85% (after the challenge)
  • participants who rated their health “above average” increased from 46% (before the challenge) to 80% (after the challenge)
  • 65% of participants who wanted to lose weight, lost over 2kgs or 2.5cm off their waist
  • more than 50% indentified increased team interaction, staff morale and enjoyment in the workplace

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