Ford Health Skin Cancer Screening

Ford Health provides top-to-toe skin screening examinations by our doctors with a specialty in this field. All subsequent treatments are the responsibility of the employee. Urgent referrals and follow-ups are made by Ford Health if required.

The aim of this program is to determine an employee's risk of developing skin cancer and check for any developing lesions. This allows high risks individuals to adopt appropriate checking techniques in order to monitor these risks in the future.

Each Ford Health Skin Cancer Screening participant can expect the following:

  • a top-to-toe skin examination from a medical practitioner
  • a personal and family history questionnaire
  • a short examination report identifying any areas of concern
  • skin cancer awareness fact sheet(s)
  • a letter to the participant's General Practitioner outlining the results of the screening
  • a specialist referral letter (if needed) outlining the Doctor's findings and suggested investigation


In line with best practice, if a participant is given an urgent specialist referral letter, Ford Health will endeavour to contact the participant 3 times following their screening within an appropriate timeframe to ensure they complete their referral. There is no extra cost for this service.

For more information contact Ford Health directly

Your Skin Cancer Check

The Ford Health Skin Cancer Check Program is a screening service only. It allows our doctors to thoroughly check your skin, and provide a referral to further medical practitioners and specialists where necessary. By doing the checks in work time and in your workplace we are able to save you time and ensure that you are only seeing your GP when there is something that definitely needs treatment or follow up.

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