Health and Wellbeing Expo

Ford Health can designed and deliver a quality health initiative that will see lasting benefits to the participants.

These programs are built to be flexible in delivery while maintaining best practice standards and quality health resources.

The following are potential objectives of an onsite Corporate Health Expo:

  • Minimise workers compensations claims both now and in the future
  • Identify health risks before they become a problem
  • Build a ‘Health Ownership Culture’ where employees take responsibility for their health
  • Contribute to improving employee morale and commitment to work
  • Ensure the program is quantifiable and measurable to enable the evaluation of benefits and results

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Not sure where to start?

Ford Health can assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of a high quality and effective Corporate Health Program, tailored to your business requirements. With the use of thorough preliminary analysis and planning, we develop a program that is cost-effective and entirely suits your requirements.

Through careful measurement, risks can be quantified and, most importantly, results can be objectively evaluated. You’ll also benefit from Ford Health’s accumulated experience from working with many public and private organisations.