Workplace Wellbeing

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to improve the health of their workforce for business success through health assessments and employee wellbeing programs.

Ford Health offers a range of medically supervised programs that provide the tools and information to motivate and support every member of your team to proactively look after their own health. The following programs are particularly time and cost effective for large workgroups. They can be delivered to many employees across a range of workplaces and locations including regional and remote settings. The key components are conducted in your workplace.

Add a sense of fitness, fun and friendly competition to your workplace with Ford Health's exercise challenge. This 10 week team-based exercise challenge encourages your staff to exercise in teams of 4 over a 6 or 10 week period. read more

Skin Cancer Screening

Ford Health provides top-to-toe skin screening examinations by our doctors with a specialty in this field. The aim of this program is to determine an employee's risk of developing skin cancer and check for any developing lesions. read more

Ergonomic Assessments

This program aims to prevent work-related musculo-skeletal disorders and systemic injury prevention within the workplace. It takes place onsite at your employee’s workstation, whether they be stationed at a desk, use heavy machinery, at their home or in their vehicle. read more

Flu Vaccinations

More than 1 in 5 workers can be absent during the winter season due to cold and flus. Ford Health's Flu Vaccination Program helps to ensure you and your organisation can perform at your best and at maximum capacity all year round. read more

Health and Wellbeing Expos

Ford Health can design and deliver a quality health initiative that will see lasting benefits to the participants. read more

Workplace Seminars and Workshops

As part of our commitment to assisting our clients achieve 'healthier people for better business', we offer a range of educational health and lifestyle seminars and or licenses to utilise these materials. read more

The myhealth program is designed to check your employee's current health and determine their risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease over a 12 month period. read more

The power of being able to offer personalised, medically-based, health programs and on-going one-on-one support services to thousands of employees at any one time across cities and countries allows us to make a real difference to our clients and their people