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Stress is unfortunately, something that we have all dealt with across our personal and work lives. Although we are never alone in experiencing this, it can be very debilitating if we don’t know how to deal with stress.

One simple way to deal with stress is to look at how it can be F.A.C.E.D. 

When you experience a stress stop for a moment. Is this stress real or imagined? For example, is the stress something you can change or are you thinking ahead and imagining worst case scenarios? Then, think about how this can be F.A.C.E.D.


Can I be Flexible in how I respond to this stressor? It can be hard, more so for some than others, to change their initial reaction to a stressor. Flexibility is key to positively handling stress, moving on from a minor stress or one that can’t be dealt with straight away is crucial to keep functioning healthy.


Secondly, is it a stressor which I need to Accept? Not all stressors can be dealt with quickly and easily, as much as we might wish they could be! Sometimes the best and only thing you can do is accept the situation and begin to take construct steps to reduce your stressors. Your stress can even be coming from stressing over a stressor! If you can accept that this particular stressor is part of life for now, and that you will deal with it the best that you can, your extra stress can be immediately reduced.


Similar to acceptance, is this stressor something you can control, or can you control the reaction you have to it? For a lot of us the feeling of losing control is too much to handle, causing us to experience even more stress. When stress entires our usually orderly work and home lives, it can feel like everything is spinning out of control.

“We encourage such people to stop and look around for the things in the situation that appear to be orderly and have a recognisable pattern to them. An example here is when work is seemingly out of control we reflect all life is out of control, and yet things at home might have pattern and orderliness to them and vice versa.”

Looking for pattern and order in the many aspects of your life can make the loss of control much easier to deal with and reduce your spiralling feelings of stress.


As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Humour is a great way to deal with stress, looking at the light side by making a joke or finding a silver lining.


Lastly, the demands of our work, responsibilities, family, and more can overwhelm us and put us into a state of serious stress. For those in positions of leadership such as executives and managers this can be particularly difficult to handle with the increased responsibilities and accountability that comes with their role. We encourage our clients to detach where possible from these feelings by looking at what they can actually control, instead of focusing on feeling responsible for everything.


Stress is difficult to experience but can be dealt with, even if you have increased responsibilities in work and life. Our expert medical team can help you to manage your stress and give you tailored recommendations to improve your work-life balance and health.

Get in contact with us today to start dealing with stress and get back to enjoying life.