At Ford Health, we specialise in corporate health and employee wellbeing. Our focus is on the individual which delivers a magnitude of results for employers. The power of being able to offer personalised, medically-based, health programs and on-going one-on-one support services to thousands of employees at any one time across cities and countries allows us to make a real difference to our clients and their people.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to improve the health of their workforce for business success through health assessments and employee wellbeing programs. No matter how small or large your organisation ...there's no better time to make a healthy change.

Ford Health Wellbeing and Resilience Model

These are the area’s we seek to support and empower individuals to change:


Your ongoing asset that allows you to participate in and thrive in self, work, and relationships.


The presence of health and absence of illness.


Adaptation in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or stress:
family/relationship problems, health problems, or workplace/money issues.

Our Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience Programs

Our health programs can support the productivity of the workforce. Our data base research has shown that there are key health parameters that can have an impact upon an individual’s self-rated work performance. In addition, we take a close interest in fatigue management and the impact of this on work performance and decision making, which we extend to senior level management who, in a global world, need strategies to manage a 24/7 work environment.

By taking an integrated perspective on healthy living, healthy thinking, healthy feeling and healthy working we are also ideally placed to help with resilience building.

The outcome of partnering with Ford Health is a clear and proven reduction of the impact of chronic disease and mental health issues across the workforce. We are committed to partnering with organisations to help their individuals make real and sustained change to their medical, mental, and physical fitness.

It is important to define that Ford Health are a pure play Corporate Health Organisation and Medical Practice. This means that we have no ancillary products or services such as health insurance or pre-employment medicals that we will try to sell in to Customers as part of our relationship.

Our focus is solely the improvement of the health and wellbeing profile of your organisation through evidence based medical assessment and intervention. This distinction is important to us, both as a medical practice and as a business.


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