ROI Case Study

"I am really pleased with the professionalism shown by Ford health in the organisation of the health assessments and with how the health assessments went as a whole. The response that we received from the majority of the participants was good which is a credit to your organisation. We are looking forward to the report and analysing the results as a whole."

Chris HR Manager Brisbane [2011]

"As always a great boost for another year. Since starting the program I know i have made significant improvements in my overall health and will continue to capitalise on the advice and targets. Thanks"

Rob Executive Health Assessment Participant

"Be Active inspired me to get off the Tube several stops early on my daily commute, and to do the same in the evening. As well as getting me fitter and helping me increase my step count, as an added bonus I found that doing this could save me a lot of money, as my Tube journey was much shorter and therefore cheaper. Having the extra money in my pocket is an added incentive to keep my Be Active route going throughout the year!"

Penny Mychallenge participant [2012]