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Why Ford Health

As experts in corporate health, we know the power of improved mental and physical wellbeing on business performance. For over 20 years we have partnered with organisations of all sizes to provide tailored and holistic health programs for their executives, leaders and teams. Our nationwide team of medical practitioners and health professionals enables us to service your organisation from anywhere in the country. We have empowered thousands of working Australians to achieve real and lasting improvements in their medical, physical and mental health.

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    20 Years of Expertise

    For more than 20 years our programs have improved the wellbeing, resilience and health of thousands of clients.

    Nationwide Delivery

    We operate in every corner of Australia providing our services to organisations of all sizes.

    Experienced Professionals

    Our highly qualified medical & health professionals have the knowledge, experience and passion to deliver lasting change in your organisation.

    Virtual Health Options

    We provide easily accessible virtual health services such as phone and video health consultations across our programs.

    COVIDSafe Practices

    We maintain the highest hygiene standards and COVIDSafe practices to ensure your health and safety are our top priority.

    Our Services

    Virtual Health

    Start your corporate health journey regardless of location. Our medical and health professionals offer individualised wellbeing support and advice over the phone and online.

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    Specialised Services

    Get access to our unique data reporting, program management and strategic medical advice to make the most effective impact on your organisation.

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    Our clients know us as a trusted advisor. We empower their people to achieve real and lasting improvements in their medical, physical and mental health.
    Dr Toby Ford

    Hear from our CEO

    Our mission is to significantly improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of Australia’s workforce. Our health assessments identify the key challenges for individuals, so that an organisation can make targeted improvements that result in better business performance. We future-proof your organisation by equipping your leaders and team with the tools they need to cope with an ever-changing landscape and business demands.

    Industry Experts

    Our team have over 20 years of experience working to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of working Australians.

    Medical Professionals

    With Doctors, Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists our team is experienced in every facet of health and wellbeing.

    What impact do our programs have?

     Our health assessments and employee wellbeing programs create tangible outcomes for business success. No matter how small or large your organisation is, you will see lasting improvements in morale, discretionary effort and performance. 

    11% Increase in Performance

    Clients who undertook Ford Health assessments regularly for 5 or more years self- reported an 11% increase in their performance

    8% Reduction in Chronic Disease Risk Factors

    Our Ford Health clients report a staggering 8% decrease in chronic disease risk factors

    8.4% Decrease in Mental Health Issues

    Continued involvement with Ford Health's programs resulted in our clients experiencing significant improvement in their psychological wellbeing

    Words From Our Clients

    Rob DouglasExecutive Director- Australian Owner Manager

    One of the core pillars of the Australian Owner Manager Program is the importance of health, wellbeing, and resilience in the day-to-day lives of business owners, entrepreneurs and business managers. As part of this development we have relied on the team at Ford Health since our inception… to provide wellbeing and health services in the programs. Many of the participants have never thought deeply about managing their health as an asset rather than it becoming a corroding liability…Toby's team have elevated this priority for them. As a result, we have seen numerous business owners look after themselves on an ongoing basis with Ford Health.

    Colin ShawExecutive General Manager, People and Strategy- Komatsu

    The joining of Joy Global surface products to our portfolio in Australia meant bringing two cultures together and ultimately for the same reason of building a sustainable business. As part of our implementation program, the combined new senior management team were encouraged to join the Ford Health Program as part of our ongoing commitment to health and wellbeing. During COVID we expanded the activity to include the Complete Wellbeing Program as we felt the program could address the diverse influences impacting on executives and managers these days.

    Ray WeekesChairman - The CEO Institute in Queensland

    Over the last fifteen years, The CEO Institute has worked with Dr Toby Ford and his team on the vital role that personal wellbeing has increasingly played in the daily decision making of our CEO Institute members. I have found that the communication skills of Toby Ford and his team to convey priorities, timely interventions and incorporation of new skills to manage the shifting terrain of business has been highly valued. Many members have taken on these skills, not only for their own personal development but to transfer them to their own team members.

    James WelchChief Executive Officer- Autopact Pty Ltd

    The automotive industry has been going through some of its most significant changes in recent years and will continue to rapidly evolve over time. We began our program with Toby’s team prior to COVID in 2016, because we felt it was important to keep our leaders well and focused on making sure they could lead their own teams at site. As we continue to grow we are taking Ford Health on this journey with us as we see the importance of wellbeing and resilience on performance over time… We hope that when our current leaders and managers reach the end of tenure the contributions of the Ford Health Program can be taken with them as a positive legacy of working in our brand.

    Mark BartlettGeneral Manager Health, Safety & Security- Thiess

    COVID-19 presented a new set of challenges to our business, most felt by our expat leaders who were and continue to be away from home for extended periods of time. We reached out to Ford Health for help on how we could stay connected and support our people through the pandemic, and due to their in-depth knowledge of our business and people, our ‘Reach Out Program’ commenced. As always, a trusted voice and counsel on video or phone was very well received and helped our people get through what was and still is a very tough time for everyone. We are very grateful to Ford Health and proud of our long-standing partnership.

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