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Our expert health team understand the unique challenges faced by leadership teams. We know that executives face high-stress levels, burnout and constant pressure to perform at their best. An executive needs to be supported in their own health and wellbeing to be able to lead their teams effectively. Undertaking our executive health programs creates a fundamental change in the lives of the individual executive and their business.

Health Assessments

Ford Health’s experienced team deliver thousands of health assessments each year

Group Programs

A wellbeing and resilience program that encompasses the upskilling of leadership teams

Complete Wellbeing Program

Ford Health’s new integrated approach to health and wellbeing takes a holistic look at your health and life to provide a truly unique assessment

Our Clinics

Delivering services right across Australia in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.


Lifestyle and Complete Wellbeing coaching to support you in making long-term behavioural changes

Validation of Results

See the power of personalised, evidence-based health programs

Leaders are expected to make consistently good decisions under pressure

While medical testing is an important tool in our arsenal, our team rises to the challenge of understanding an executive’s specific circumstances to help them manage their health. After all, your most important asset to your team and business is your health!

A happier, healthier, and more resilient leader will thrive in their position with better decision-making, performance under pressure and improved work-life balance. Combined with better physical health and positive mental health, these things will propel you and your team to success.

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Complete Wellbeing Program

A complete look at wellbeing is something that has been sorely lacking in corporate and executive health. Each sector of your physical and mental health interacts synergistically, and so it just makes sense to consider all areas when building a complete health profile. Our Complete Wellbeing Program leaves the old, siloed approach behind and takes a new holistic look at the health of leaders.

We have developed a complete model of practice for corporate wellbeing that fills a gap in wellbeing assessment to integrate physical and psychological aspects of health. We created our Complete Wellbeing philosophy based on our years of corporate health expertise, understanding of our clientele and evidence-based research on proactive physical health and positive mental health.

Ford Health’s Complete Wellbeing Program incorporates four integrated components: profile building, sense-making, skill-building and supportive coaching.

The Complete Wellbeing Program includes:

  • A comprehensive medical, physical and pathology assessment
  • Mental wellbeing assessment including current mental health status, resilience and positive mental health
  • Consultation and planning for subsequent actions
  • A personalised Complete Wellbeing health report
  • Access to Complete Wellbeing resource hub
  • Health and wellbeing coaching

Health Assessments

Keep key individuals working effectively, build their resilience and develop them as leaders for a healthier culture across your organisation. Our Executive Health Assessments are designed specifically for executives and key staff.

This group face challenges and stresses that are unique to their level of position. Our team understand the expectations and responsibilities of those in leadership positions, and we provide health assessments centred around this. Our team of Doctors, Dietitians and Physiologists look deeper into the root causes of health issues faced by executives by taking a complete look at their health. Our medical practitioners utilise their years of expertise, understanding of the executive work-life and consultations with an executive to present an ongoing action plan.

Our concierge team is available throughout the year to assist executives in managing their appointments, scripts, and specialist referrals.

Ford Health operates in every state in Australia without using “partner clinics” or outsourcing. Executives attending any of our national clinics can be assured that they will receive the same quality of service, tacit knowledge and data security regardless of what location they choose.

Executives Assessment

Our Executive Health Assessments are our most popular and comprehensive assessments specifically designed for executives and key staff. This group often face pressure and disruption as well as the adverse health effects of long hours, lack of routine and high stress working environments. 

Our medical team assess over 300 factors during an assessment and give each person a holistic view of their medical, mental, physical health and performance – with key components including:

  • A comprehensive medical history, review and examination
  • Mental health review and discussion
  • Blood pathology screening
  • Treadmill stress test and resting ECG for cardiovascular examination
  • Lung function, vision and hearing testing
  • Skin cancer screen and dermatological disorders review
  • Flexibility, core strength and posture analysis
  • Fitness assessment and exercise program advice
  • Dietary review and advice
  • Individualised report and referrals

After completing the assessment, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your current health status as well as any relevant referrals and recommendations.

*The Executive Assessment is best combined with our medical practitioner led Advanced Coaching Program to embed the behaviour change required to support ongoing health and wellbeing.

Directors Program

The Directors Program is truly unique and is our most extensive health assessment. This is because the assessment is designed specifically for each participant in consultation with the Ford Health senior medical team.

In addition to the components of the Executive Health Assessment, the Directors Program includes recommended investigations based on age, gender, family history, lifestyle risk and symptomatology.

The Directors Assessment components may include:

  • Cardiology – Stress echocardiogram, CT calcium scoring
  • Radiology – Chest X-ray, Abdominal ultrasound
  • Bone mineral density scan
  • Gastroenterology –  Faecal occult blood testing, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy
  • Women’s Health – Mammography, Breast ultrasound, Cervical screen
  • Men’s Health – Prostate specific antigen screening
  • Additional pathology for kidney, liver, cardiovascular, thyroid function, plus hormones and vitamin level reviews

The Directors Program also includes year-round access to Ford Health medical and health professionals for priority referrals, prescriptions and medical liaison services.

Managers Assessment

The Managers Assessment is specifically designed for those with increased responsibilities working in demanding environments. This level of assessment is a good introduction for leaders who are new to their role or those who are new to an ongoing health assessment program. 

This detailed 1-hour assessment is done by a Ford Health medical practitioner and Exercise Physiologist in the workplace or at one of our national clinics. 

If our team identifies any health risks, they will advise on what changes need to be made to eliminate or manage the risks. Additionally, they will determine if any further medical investigation is required.

Before conducting the assessment, you will complete either standard or extended blood pathology tests at one of our preferred providers at a location convenient to you.

*The Manager Assessment is best combined with our Health Lifestyle Coaching Program facilitated by an accredited Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist.

Our medical team measures over 300 factors during the course of the assessment to give a holistic view of medical, mental and physical health.

Medical Health

Mental Health and Behaviour

Physical Health and Performance

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Health Coaching – Diet & Lifestyle

To support executives in making a long-term change, we developed our Diet & Lifestyle Coaching program. Our health coaching team, Dietitians or Exercise Physiologists understand what it takes to make fundamental changes in your lifestyle. They will provide the ongoing support that is so essential to making permanent changes in a busy work-life. They use their expertise to highlight an executive’s risk areas, provide advice and make recommendations. Once you have completed a health assessment, you can begin your coaching either over the phone or video.

Advanced Coaching – Complete Wellbeing

Our Advanced Coaching provides the in-depth support needed to create ongoing behavioural change. Run by one of our senior medical team, this level of coaching offers an in-depth review of your health to proactively improve the foundations of positive mental health and wellbeing. Doing so creates a framework that you can use to optimise your performance in both work and life. Delivered in person or remotely, our Advanced Coaching is flexible to your busy schedule.

Group Programs & Keynote Addresses

Let our team inspire yours to increase productivity, contribution and discretionary effort. Our health team are experts in corporate health who have operated in the industry for over 20 years. We have the knowledge to provide comprehensive executive health assessments and deliver this information to leaders.

To support executives to have the most effective health assessment, we arrange group programs for the whole leadership team. Our Ford Health team bring together the participating executives before their health assessments to learn about the health language and processes they will be doing. This gives a complete understanding of the process and terminology, enabling far more significant outcomes. After the health assessments are completed, another group program is held to unravel the key finds from the process and plan how to continue wellbeing growth and improvement.

In collaboration with our group programs are highly qualified staff also present keynote addresses on health and wellbeing. Ford Health’s senior medical team are highly experienced speakers in the areas of:

  • Corporate and Executive Health
  • The Relationship Between Health and Performance
  • Resilience Building
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Complete Wellbeing
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

What impact does this have on your health?

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to improve their health and wellbeing and improve business performance. No matter how small or large your organisation is, there is no better time to make a healthy change.

11% Increase in Performance

Clients who undertook Ford Health assessments regularly for 5 or more years self- reported an 11% increase in their performance

8% Reduction in Chronic Disease Risk Factors

Our Ford Health clients report a staggering 8% decrease in chronic disease risk factors

8.4% Decrease in Mental Health Issues

Continued involvement with Ford Health's programs resulted in our clients experiencing significant improvement in their psychological wellbeing

Clinics all around Australia and New Zealand

National coverage is critical to gain consistency of experience which ensures regional equity for your health program. The below map of Australia lists our Ford Health Medical Centres. We have also marked the locations in which we run sessional fly in and fly out clinics for many national programs.

Our Ford Health clinics are run by Ford Health staff – we value and look after your people no matter where they are located.

National Clinic Locations

Ford Health Brisbane

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital Suite 2/530 Boundary St Spring Hill, QLD

Ford Health Sydney

St. Martins Tower Level 21 / 31 Market Street Sydney, NSW

Ford Health Melbourne

St Vincent’s Specialty Medical Suites Level 5/100 Victoria Parade East Melbourne, VIC

Ford Health Perth

OSHGroup Pty Ltd 36 Parliament Place West Perth, WA

Ford Health Canberra

Woden Specialist Medical Centre Level 2/90 Corinna St Woden ACT

Ford Health Adelaide

Level 7, 18A North Terrace Adelaide, SA

Ford Health Darwin

Royal Darwin Hospital 105 Rocklands Drive Tiwi, NT

Ford Health Hobart

Hobart Cardiology 25 Argyle Street Hobart, TAS

Regional and Overseas Clinic Locations

Queensland (Aus)

  • Bundaberg
  • Cairns
  • Mackay
  • Rockhampton
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Toowoomba
  • Townsville

New South Wales (Aus)

  • Bathurst
  • Newcastle
  • Port Macquarie
  • Wagga
  • Wollongong

Victoria (Aus)

  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo

New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • Wellington

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