Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is here to help answer some common questions that we receive. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we’re always happy ​​​​​​​to have a chat.

General FAQ

Who is able to access my results?

All results and data collected during a health assessment is kept completely private and confidential. We do not release any of your results to your employer. Some de-identified aggregate reporting of results may occur, but this is only done where strict confidentiality can be maintained.

Will there be any follow-up with Ford Health regarding my results?

If there are any specific health risks identified during your assessment that require urgent medical attention, the Ford Health team will follow up with you to ensure you have sought appropriate assistance.

Ford Health do not replace your existing GP however we will work with them and make your results available to them if you would like us to do so.

Can I cancel or re-schedule my health assessment?

If unforeseen circumstances arise, you will be able to re-schedule or cancel your health assessment. However, it is advised that you inform Ford Health as soon as possible if you are unable to make it.

You can also re-schedule your appointment online through a link in the appointment confirmation email you will receive.

Please note a cancellation period applies and cancellation fees may need to be applied where short notice is given.

I've been asked to participate in a health assessment, is it voluntary?

Participation in the health assessment is voluntary. But we think it will be a great investment of your time. If you choose to participate, it will provide you with valuable information about your current health and wellbeing.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, your information will be kept confidential. Ford Health will not disclose any information about yourself without your prior consent. You will also be provided with the privacy policy at the time of your assessment.

If you have any concerns, please talk to our friendly concierge team at Ford Health.

Arranging an Assessment FAQ

I'm interested in arranging an assessment, how do I get in contact?

We are thrilled to hear you are ready to take the first steps in preventative health. To get in contact with us fill in any of the contact forms on our website or call us on 1300 660 986 or email us at

Do I get to choose an assessment time that suits me?

Absolutely, you will be contacted by our friendly team with an appointment time if you are undertaking a Managers, Executives, Directors, or Complete Wellbeing assessment.

If you are undertaking part of our teams programs, our team will be meeting you on-site.

Executive Services FAQ

I visit my GP regularly and go to the gym, is it really worth my while?

The Executive Health Assessment is a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your health and wellbeing. Ford Health does not seek to replace your existing GP but rather to enhance the relationship by providing feedback of your assessment.  We may also be able to provide some testing and coaching to supplement your discussions with your GP and educate you more about your personal health profile.

What is the difference between the Managers, Executives, and Directors Assessments?

Our health programs for your staff come in a variety of levels to suit their position, demands and the health experience for the individual executive.

In short, our Managers Assessment is the perfect starting point for those who have never had a health assessment before, or those who are new to their leadership position.

The Executive and Directors Assessments respectively increase the depth of the health assessment process. The Directors assessment is extremely comprehensive and provides the most detailed investigations and recommendations.

What impact will the assessment have on my health?

Our health assessment outcomes provide tangible results to the individual participant. Those who have participated in our programs have reported an 11% increase in self-reported performance rates and a 8.4% decrease in mental health concerns.

Additionally, our programs can assist in boosting staff morale, discretionary effort and performance.

My stress levels are concerning me lately – will this program help?

Most busy people are concerned about managing stress. We take a positive approach by differentiating between stress and the underlying medical conditions of anxiety and depression. Our medical professional team will partner with you to discover the causes of your stress and give you realistic recommendations for managing these.

Why am I being offered a health assessment and what is the benefit to me?

We know from our years of experience that life exposes people to a variety of pressures which over time can cause serious health implications. The health and wellness checks provide everyone with the opportunity to:

  • Voluntarily participate in your own personal health and wellbeing profile
  • Access expert medical advice, support and prioritised action plan
  • Receive a detailed health assessment report and referrals to medical specialists, if required
  • Access to an independent provider

Virtual Health FAQ

Can I speak with a Doctor over the phone or online?

Yes, most of our health assessment options are available online and over the phone with one of our experienced medical professionals.

Is my health data stored securely?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our data security systems. We ensure that all data received on our clients is held safely and securely.

How do I access the Complete Wellbeing Hub?

Our Complete Wellbeing Hub is full of digital health resources that enable individuals to take significant steps towards improving their health and wellbeing. It is available to those who undertake a Complete Wellbeing Assessment.

Workplace Team FAQ

My workplace is offering Ford Health assessments, what does this mean for me?

We partner with organisations nationwide to help build the wellbeing, health, and resilience of their teams. You can participate in our programs to gain tailored advice on your health from our experienced medical team.

Do I attend a clinic location or is this done on-site?

Our Workplace Teams programs are done on-site at your workplace. We conduct on-site pathology, skin cancer screening, ergonomic assessments and flu vaccination programs.  We can also offer our programs for hybrid or remote working.

What are the benefits to Ford Health's Workplace Teams Program?

Our Workplace Teams programs offer a convenient and accessible way to proactively support the health and wellbeing of your team. Our on-site facilities ensure the process is convenient and timely with minimal disruption to your business. We ensure every member of the team is given an in-depth health assessment that results in tailored recommendations and ongoing support to enact these.

Will my medical information be shown to my employer?

No, your individual medical information will be kept confidential. Your employer can receive a de-identified report that shows the overall health results of the team, without any names or other identifying information.

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